Can’t Really Make A Living Out Of It

Today’s video conference orientation for 51 Talk over Skype this morning went without a hitch. However, at the end of it all, I can honestly say that I can’t rely on it to make a decent living, as while it’s convenient to be able to work at home, the lesson-based system means that, if I do just the minimum “prime time” sessions, I’ll barely make over 2800 pesos per cutoff. To start earning real money, one needs to really put in big hours — like 50+ hours big (prime time and regular), and even then unless you’re a certified teacher with all the certificates, you’ll barely earn more than 6900 per cutoff. 

That’s… not a lot. So while it can be used as a sideline (they more or less say that you can have any other work as long as it isn’t another English-language tutoring gig), it’s not something you can depend on to make a living.

So, plan B. I’m going to have to see if I can find regular work, nonvoice preferably, and more so morning shifts so I could also maximize what I can do in 51 Talk. Which means more visits to interviews, like I did just this afternoon. Unfortunately, that one was a big bust (50-50 email BUT with call out, and what’s more it has shifting schedules), but I have another one scheduled on Friday, so let’s see about that one.

But man, was it hot again earlier. Made even just walking around a major pain, and it practically required you to bring along some water to avoid dehydration. You can bet that I was very happy once I got home again.

By the way, I’m skipping out on the Kantai Collection Spring 2016 event until at least this Saturday.

Anime Watched: Sansha Sanyou.


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