Downtime For Those In-Between (Accounts)

Today was comparatively relaxing. I didn’t have anywhere to go, and I didn’t have any online conferences related to job applications, so I more or less slept in for the day. The only activity of note I had to do was to cook myself lunch, and then later on, dinner, as well as clean the toilet. Mundane stuff, really.

Tomorrow though looks to be busy, as the online training session is supposed to be set for seven hours tomorrow. I’m still not to keen on the homework English tutoring gig, but I suppose it’s something I could earn some money with until I get a real good-paying job.

I am a bit annoyed that the writer’s job fell through. Tsk. Oh well, it’s not meant to be I suppose. Still crossing my fingers that one of the applications I submitted for the accounts that pay 20k and more get some attention…

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