Don’ t Know If I Should Be Glad For It

So today was the online orientation for 51 Talk, which was more or less an 8-hour “class” via Skype as well as 51 Talk’s own native online teaching system. It was… Okay, though I kind of wish I could have done better with the demo class that we had to individually give after the orientation. I’m going to have to redo mine tomorrow as a result, which is a bit frustrating to say the least. Oh well. At least I know now what to expect and what to fix.

As for the other jobhunt news… Apparently that Australian firm with the dayshift gig called me, said I passed, and if I was interested in pursuing a job with them. They said that they’ll call tomorrow morning, so looking forward to that too.

Oh, and my father and the baby’s coming back here at around one-thirty, which is less than two hours off I guess. I cooked some rice and chicken in preparation, though I think I overdid the saltiness this time on the chicken. Igh. We’ll have to see how it goes, but we’re in dire need of vegetables now, so might have to see about those.

It wasn’t a terribly slow day, as one might see, but I do wish I could have gotten more sleep out of it.


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