Maybe It’s Not So Bad After All

I called in on schedule this afternoon for the re-do of my demo for 51 Talk with their one of their Chinese reps, and this time around, I managed to ace it. Because of that, I was quickly scheduled for the introductory conference call this evening, which was set for about two hours.

What it all boiled down to however was the fact that those who were part of the video conference all passed, and we were all expected to start teaching actual lessons by Monday. Of course there’s still the fact that we have to get familiar with all the systems that need to be used, like QQ, but otherwise, if we do good, we’ll expect to get a non-taxable payout ten days after the cutoff. So neat.

I’m tempted to just use this as a sideline, and still grab a “real” dayjob, but the fact that it’s non-taxable makes it awfully tempting. And we can choose our own schedules, as long as we set a minimum number of “primetime” class slots per cutoff. Hmm. I’ll really have to see about this one…


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