Certainly Close Enough

I woke up relatively early today, as I had to go to the market to refill our fridge, which had run out of vegetables and fruits at this point. I bought the usual ingredients for chicken curry — a whole chicken, chopped up (we didn’t use all of it of course), potatoes, carrots, pepper and garlic, as well as gata. I also bought some sayote for tomorrow, and sprouted monggo to round things off. I was quite sure that we still had spaghetti left too, so I bought some ground pork, but it turned out we didn’t. Oh well.

Finally, I also bought two kilos worth of mangoes. Because why not?

I took a bath after I had gotten home, then went straight to bed. I slept like a rock through the morning after that, but it was okay, since I didn’t expect that I was going to be doing much anyway. Someone from 51 Talk’s recruitment eventually called me though, but that was more for finalizing a few things with the company (specifically a better recording of my tutorial spiel for the personal site).

Now, there’s just the laundry to worry about, but that’s just routine I guess for a weekend’s witching hour.


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