Elections, And Other Stuff

As planned, my sister and I woke up and early so we could go on and vote at the polling station assigned for our baranggay, the same school that was used during the previous election. Much to our surprise, it was really quick, doubly so because of how all of our names (minus nanay’s of course) were on the voter’s list this time around. After the two of us finished, it was back home, where my sister swapped with my father in watching over the baby. I accompanied my father back to the school, and I waited until he finished voting.  After that, it was back home. 

I tried to grab some sleep, but the fact that I needed to check the places where tarps were usually printed meant that I stayed up longer than I should have. In the end though, none of the tarp services were open (which I should have expected, because it was the elections), so I went back home to sleep.

Or at least, tried to. I eventually woke up during the late evening, and tried to do my best to prepare for the first two students I was to teach for the evening. When the reserved time arrived, I was a bit nervous, and it showed with how the classes went — the first class went too slow, while the second one went too quickly. Granted, the student I had for the second class was somewhat advanced already, but even so I wasn’t able to fill up the required thirty minutes. Gonna have to look into that for tomorrow evening.

In any case, I’m bushed. I’ll just set up a few things on Kantai Collection, then head off to bed.


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