It’s Always Too Good To Be True

I’m suddenly having second thoughts about the online English tutorial gig that I just joined, especially after reading around about the experiences of other people with the company. It sort of cements my thoughts that I’m never going to use it as a source of livelihood — the base pay is really low, and after a certain point apparently the admins drop any pretense of being on your side –and I still need to find a real job ASAP.

Which is why I’m hoping that the interview I have scheduled on Monday for that dayshift nonvoice account pushes through…

Speaking of work, I’m kind of wondering whether or not Sykes’ HR had forgotten about me, as I’ve gotten zilch contacts from my team lead about any kind of possible opening that I could transfer into. Hmm, it makes me wonder if I’ll still get my pay this Friday… That would be nice though; basic it may be, it’s still higher than what I could ever expect from the home teaching gig.


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