A Lot Of Aggravation Today That I Didn’t Need

So once again I received a call from the people trying to collect on my father’s credit card charges. Surprise surprise! It turned out that he didn’t take care of it and hammered out a compromise with the credit card company, and he was lying out of his arse. Not that I wasn’t surprised about the latter, as he has literally zero knowhow about financial transactions beyond cash exchanges, and regularly reads through spam and thinks most of them are legit opportunities and not just ways for some Nigerian somewhere to rip you off.

In any case, I now have to head over to the card company’s office over at Roxas Boulevard, and somehow convince them to let my seventy-year old unemployed and unpensioned father off the hook, because there’s really no way for him to pay off a hundred-thousand plus peso charge on his credit card. A charge, I might add, that was placed because he was scammed into thinking that he was getting a prize, when in fact a bogus insurance company maxed out his card to pay for insurance plans, seemingly not for him, but for me and my sister. So gullible.

Anyway, after several heated phone calls, made worse by the fact that my father proverbially covers his ears and goes “LALALALALA I KNOW NOTHING!” whenever his credit card tab comes up during discussion, I’m going to have to head to the card company tomorrow (again) with all the requirements to even get in and have a “talk” with the people trying to collect from my dad. Sigh.



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