Schedule, Packed Like An Old-Style Sardine Can

Nowhere does the unreasonable nature of the online English tutorial gig manifest more in the fact that irregardless of whether or not you got hired late into the cutoff, you’re still required to leave in the required fifty lesson slots open… Which in practice means that you can very well have your whole day jam-packed with students. In my case, I spent nearly my entire after noon after noontime up to this evening full of classes.

And tomorrow’s looking more to be more of the same, only even worse so, as I have three booked lessons for the morning on top of the same amount scheduled for the afternoon and evening. That’s… not good at all, doubly so when I’m only paid fifty pesos per student.

You know what, screw this. This isn’t even worth my time as a sideline, especially with the stupid minimum hours you’re forced to keep per cutoff. It’s just a load of false advertising at this point, and I’m a bit sorry that I fell for the promise of big bugs hook line and sinker.

Resignation email sent. While I can’t resign yet with active classes, I can set a date where my schedule no longer shows any set class… Which is on the 23rd, because apparently someone thought he was being smart by booking two of my class slots weeks in advance. Hmph.

Oh well, it was too good to be true anyway. I’ll just have to find another career to make money out of.

On other news… I finally went to Metrobank Card’s building to make my case for my father’s bloated credit card bill.  The collection department’s answer? The fact that my father did nothing to stop the scam insurance company from maxing out his card means that they can’t write off his (at this point) two-hundred and seventy plus thousand credit. However, they could just have us pay off around eighty-two thousand of it (or a six-month deal for 30k per month, to a max of 179k, so you could see that the 82k deal was much better) and make the slate clean.

You bet that my sister wasn’t happy about it (she sounded like she was about to break into tears on the phone when I called her), doubly so my mother, but what can we do at this point? The old codger wouldn’t even want to talk to Metrobank, much less settle with them, and if we didn’t do something now that debt could very well turn into something that would haunt any children I might bring into the world, or my sister for that matter. *shudder* 

Personally, I just want it over and done with, though this could have been a convenient situation for all those people who owed tatay money to finally pay him back… Oh well.

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