That Onerous Duty Done, Finally

I finally withdrew the rest of my salary today, at the same time my sister and I pretty much browbeat our father into coming with me, so he could draw enough money from his dollar savings to pay off the heavily-discounted “amnesty amount” we were given by Metrobank Card, rather than the even bigger bill his credit card had run up, and he stubbornly ignored in his bullheadedness.

So rather than seeing my sister and father off during lunchtime, I spent something like two hours over at the Metrobank headquarters close to Mall of Asia, first waiting for the collections representative to confirm with me that, if I paid off the discounted amount, they won’t bother the family anymore, and that my father’s record will be cleared. With that confirmation in mind, the two of us went to the nearby Metrobank branch (which was in walking distance), paid the 82-odd thousand, and once we got the payment slip, it was back to the Metrobank Card office, where I just needed to wait for the payment confirmation.

With that responsibility finished, it was straight back home. By the time I got there though, the family had left, so what I did was just get changed, turn on the a/c (and turn on the PC again, as it had shut down due to the heat of the day), and went to bed.

Oh, and it’s my father’s birthday tomorrow, so I’m supposed to head to the market tomorrow and buy what they would need for the small gathering at my sister’s house: a kilo of pork barbecue skewers, sticky rice for the valenciana, and maybe a few other ingredients to fill out the latter (like chicken gizzard and liver, green peas, and bell peppers), all of which I was then to bring to Quezon City. Hmm.

Anime Watched: Sansya Sanyou, Bakuon, Dragonball Super, Flying Witch.



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