Early To Rise, Shop, And Prep For A Birthday

As planned, I was up and about by around five-thirty today, since my sister had asked me to do some shopping at the wet market for the ingredients of the valenciana that was going to be prepared for our little family gathering at Quezon City.  And it was quite a bit too — a kilo of sticky (jasmine) rice, half a kilo chicken breast, half a kilo chicken gizzard and liver, red bell peppers, green peas, a quarter kilo of chorizo,  a kilo’s worth of pork skewers, not to mention the charcoal… Let’s just say that my eco bag was filled by quite a bit by the time I left the market, and this isn’t even including the kilo of chicken tocino I bought for myself as food for the rest of the week. Hmm.

I didn’t go straight to Quezon City though, and instead waited until around eight-thirty before I took a bath and got changed. I had also put all the valenciana ingredients snugly in the iron pot I was going to bring with me (in another larger eco bag, for ease of transport), plus the pork barbecue, which I then put in the fridge while I waited for the time to come.

I was off and out of the house before nine, and by around nine thirty I was at the MRT station. It was good timing too, as I avoided the morning rush hour, which meant that not only was it easy to find a seat on the train, but the lines going into the MRT station were sparse as well.

Twenty minutes later I was at my sister’s house. I gave my brother-in-law the valenciana ingredients, while my father saw to the barbecue. As for me? I turned on the TV and watched animal planet, in between trying to catch more sleep.

Everything was almost ready and done when my sister arrived at around eleven with the cake. By noontime, everything was good and cooked, at which point we greeted our father a Happy Birthday, and ate the lunch with gusto.

I had to excuse myself somewhat early, as it wouldn’t really do to leave the house without a minder, so with a tupperware full of both valenciana and barbecue, I bid my family goodbye again, and by two-thirty I was on the way back home. I did have to take a short detour at Makati though, as I needed to buy some things at the Hypermart there, and I also had to run off and pay the Cable TV bills for the month once I got home, but otherwise it was a pretty busy day.

That said, I’m rightfully bushed, so I’m going to have to turn in right now.


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