As Relaxed As I Could Be

I had to wake up early today, not by plan, but because of the sound of the rain that was falling outside my window. It was dark, and the rain came in torrents, and I wondered for a bit whether it would last for the entire day. It didn’t, unsurprisingly, so I had to get up and get changed, as I had decided last night to go to the market, as the house was out of cooking oil. On the way, I bought some pre-cut cabbages, sayote, and carrots, which I planned on using for soup later on.

I finally brought up the dried laundry that I had folded up last night… Then I noticed that I had left one of my nephew’s undies on the clothesline, which meant that it got wet in the rain. I took it in, and put it on one of the seats by the table to dry.

Otherwise it was an unhurried day. I cooked lunch (those pre-cut veggies plus chicken), watched documentaries, and played Kantai Collection on the side. I’m honestly enjoying Iowa’s hilarious Engrish, though I mostly just played the resource recoup game, building up fuel and buckets again. I’m thinking of maybe farming Harukaze during the weekend, but maybe I’ll just wait until I hit my natural resource cap on fuel before then.

That aside, I received a call from that Australian company again. There’s an early-morning interview by the client tomorrow, so I’ll see to that. If they pay better, and they have better incentives, who knows? It might prove a better deal than what I currently have with Sykes, especially if it’s a non-voice gig.

There’s one bit of annoyance today too. I accidentally broke my favorite mug. Luckily the pieces where big enough, and the cracks clean, but I still had to run off to buy super glue in a panic… And even when I stuck things mostly together, there were frightening gaps that begged being filled in. So off I went again to buy some epoxy filler too. The mug is mostly intact now, but at this point I’m waiting for the epoxy to cure over the next day or so, before I go and sand it. I only wish that the epoxy color wasn’t so beige

Wasn’t able to watch any anime today, so I’ll have to see about that tomorrow when I can, after maybe cleaning the floor downstairs.


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