A Bit Of Rain, A Bit Of City Business

I woke up early for the interview, but not surprisingly I still ended up a bit late. I was still close to SM Makati when the representative of the company I was visiting for a final interview called me, a little worried where I was. I reassured her that I was on the way, but even then it took me something like twenty minutes to walk all the way to PBCom tower, where the company was located.

The funny thing about all this? I still ended up being the first of the interviewees to arrive. Go figure.

The interview itself was a lighthearted affair, and through it I learned a bit about the account I was going to service, in case I get hired. Real estate. Hmm. I’m a bit worried though that I sort of arrived while the account was in the midst of an operations transition, meaning if I were to start, I’d have to juggle both calls and back office work… And I still have no idea how much they’re going to pay.

Oh well, they’re going to get back to me if they’re interested. I went home almost immediately, though I took a detour to SM Hypermart to buy a mop, which I used almost as soon as I got home to clean the floor downstairs.

As for the rest of the day, I spent it watching documentaries. No anime again this afternoon, I’m afraid. Oh, and it rained rather hard during the mid-afternoon, as well as the early evening, which helped somewhat with the heat, though it did nothing about the humidity. Ugh.


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