I’ll Be Glad When It’s Done

It’s hard to think about something to write about, when most of my free time’s been taken up by, you guessed it, the Kantai Collection event. It’s gotten to the point that I haven’t been able to properly watch any anime, so one can see that I’ll really be glad when it finally ends on the first of June.

Until then though, I’m kind of doing some last-minute stockpiling so I could try and farm one of the new trophy destroyers (Ooyashio in this case) while I can, as she has a much higher chance of drop right now, whereas if she becomes available in the future again, it’ll be at a much decreased drop rate… Anyway we’ll just have to see how that goes.

My sister, her son, and my father, all went back to Quezon City again today, but not without leaving behind a hundred-dollar bill for me to use as I please as “allowance”. This is probably in response to the fact that I won’t get anymore pay from Sykes, as my thirty-business day leave credits had finally run out, reflected in the fact that I only got two thousand and eight hundred or so pesos during this payday. Ouch.

In any case, this means that I’ll really have to look for new work soon. Which only increases in importance with all those payments coming up…

So yeah, I better see about those job interviews lined up for me in the next few days, and see if any of them pique my interest enough, seeing as that Australian company still hadn’t gotten back to me about whether or not I was worth a slot in their company (which is annoying, as that looked like a really good deal, and they seemed to like me during that interview)… Maybe then I can officially hand in my resignation letter to the Sykes HR. Hmm.


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