Good News, And Things That Make Me Go “Ick!”

I woke up early, but it turned out for naught, because the agency I went and visited at Cubao didn’t have any good prospects to offer. On the other hand, while I was on the MRT on the way home, the rep from that Aussie company I applied at a week ago finally contacted me, and informed me that, yes, they would like me to join the company, though the payment package was still being worked on. Hmm.

Now that would have been a great end to my morning, but unfortunately once I got back home I found that a mouse had decided to up and die in the middle of the kitchen. Ick. So I ended up spending most of the day trying to not look at it, while I went about my business downstairs. Might have to ask someone to sweep it up tomorrow though…

That aside, pretty much ramping down on the Kantai Collection event. Man, that ate up a month of my life, didn’t it?

Ooyashio, obviously.
Ooyashio, obviously.

Managed to farm Ooyashio, but Harukaze is a lost cause for now, as my Fuel finally bottomed out at zero, the first time in a while that happened. Hmm.

Yeeeah, zero Fuel.
Yeeeah, zero Fuel.

Now to recoup resources, and finally, FINALLY get back to watching my anime backlog.


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