Start Of The Month Again

I didn’t exactly get a lot done today, but what I did do is get someone to finally sweep up and throw away the dead mouse that’s been sitting in front of the kitchen for the whole day yesterday. That really bothered me, but with that little thing thrown away (apparently in the trash bin, eyurgh), I was able to actually do stuff downstairs again, like mop the floor a bit…

Then of course I discovered that there was a veritable swarm of red ants who apparently thought it would be a good idea to build a small nest to the side of the front door, probably in preparation for the rainy season. This, obviously, would not do, but when I found that we didn’t have any Baygon left, I was forced to use a whole lot of fire to get rid of these… While effective, it did leave some obvious burn marks on the tiles, so after sweeping away the ash (and the sand that the ants were using to build their nest) outside, I went about mopping the floor. That took care of the burn marks.

As for the rest of my day, well, I tried to not be a couch potato, that’s for sure, but a good deal of my day was spent watching documentaries on Youtube, but at least this time I was also able to watch some anime. As for Kantai Collection? Resource recoup mode: on. 

Anime Watched: Bakuon!!


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