Little Points Of Embarrassment

I’ll admit right now, that I did absolutely nothing of note during the day. I had planned to go to the wet market during the morning, but since I didn’t get up early, one can see how that didn’t exactly pan out.

Then sometime earlier tonight, I received a text message from my sister that, rather than on Saturday, they were coming home after midnight. Worried that I hadn’t prepare anything, I went out to withdraw some money… Then it started to rain, hard. That was bad enough, but oh no, I also ended up locking myself out. Even when technically the doorknob wasn’t locked at all, but it simply wouldn’t budge whenever I tried to turn it.

Now this all culminated in me asking some help in borrowing a ladder, get a neighbor to brace said ladder, while I opened up the window of my sister’s room on the second floor, climb in there, and go downstairs to open the door from the inside. Thankfully the rain had weakened by that point, but it was still embarrassing.

Except the door wouldn’t open from the inside either. So we ended up having to remove the doorknob, lock and all, from the big wooded door. Sigh. I imagine that my father wouldn’t be too happy with that.

In any case, I’m hoping to do some shopping done tomorrow morning, if only to buy vegetables.


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