It Was Surprisingly Immediate

I finished the laundry early this morning, and despite my grumbling for most of it, I also managed to have everything hung on the clothesline before I shuffled off to bed to sleep again. I then woke up at around noon, just in time for lunch, as well as to see my sister, my nephew, and my father off again as they headed back to Quezon City for the week.

Once they were gone though, I closed the front door behind me, went upstairs to open up the a/c, and tried to sleep off the rest of the afternoon. It was mostly successful, but this time around I was able to get some anime-watching in. I haven’t quite caught up to Flying Witch, but two episodes in a row is a big deal for me.

By the late afternoon the laundry was mostly dry, so I brought them inside (which is just as well too, as it started to shower a bit close to evening). I left them in the living room, and will go and fold them tomorrow, as I couldn’t do so during the evening due to the issue with the light’s connection there.

I didn’t prepare anything fancy for dinner — just instant pancit canton and egg. I might have to see about replenishing the contents of the fridge though, as I’m down to my last reserves of pork and chicken in the freezer.

Oh, and depending on whether or not that Australian firm follows up on me tomorrow, I might have to consider turning in a resignation letter to Sykes as well.

Anime Watched: Flying Witch.

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