Slightly Hoped, Slightly Expected

It was a somewhat slow Monday. While I didn’t quite wake up early in the day, it was early enough for me to make good on my promise to see to the laundry I brought in on Sunday, which had been sitting all night downstairs.  After washing my face and rinsing my mouth as per practice, I brought down my tablet, selected a suitable documentary on Youtube (specifically a Soviet Storm episode, the siege of Moscow), and then busied myself with folding all that laundry.

With that done, I then prepared some pancakes for breakfast. I noticed that the pancake mix that we got from nanay’s package over the weekend was a little bland though, so I eventually had to add brown sugar to the batter. The end result was much better, especially once cooked and with the syrup lathered over each. Mmm.

That aside, I didn’t really do much during the day, except perhaps write my resignation letter for Sykes. Y’see, I received another call from that Australian firm, and they were now asking me to drop by early tomorrow morning for discussion about my contract. So it’s pretty much a done deal at this point, which means I have to turn in my exit papers with Sykes now to be able to make good the deal.

Seriously, I’ll do my best to make sure this works. The package sounds so good…

Surprisingly I wasn’t able to grab any sleep this afternoon. Or evening, for that matter. Even with the sudden downpour that started during the early evening, and lasted through most of the night. Really.

Oh well, better get to bed. Have to be at Ayala Avenue bright and early again, and this time, before the morning rush hour.


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