That Throw Of The Dice

I woke up really early today, just so I could go to Makati to the Australian firm I applied for. In fact, I was so early, I still had time to grab some breakfast at the closest Chowking, cross the street, walk over and cross the underpass to PBCom, and then proceed to loiter at the 22nd floor’s elevator area for thirty minutes.

When I was finally allowed to come into the office area, I was provided the contract to read, and boy it was a long one: forty-nine pages, in total. Some stuff was evident immediately: the pay was good, at 22000 basic plus 2000 nontaxable, and a possible additional 2000 depending on performance. The not-so-good? Only five leaves allotted in a year (apparently due to the fact that employees get two weeks off on Christmas), and what’s more I can only get to use said leaves after I get regularized… which takes about six months, and it’s not a guarantee as it’s dependent on performance. And what’s more, there’s a two-year long bond…

Oh man, but that salary… That alone is enough incentive to try as hard as I can to make my stay here work. I’m just so pathetic.

So yeah, I signed the contract. This means though that I’m going to have to drop by Sykes tomorrow morning and hand in my resignation letter formally… Which apparently has to be done directly to the supervisor, as they have to then submit it to HR. *facepalm*

Oh well, at least I’m back to being gainfully employed, though I am a bit worried, as they bumped up my start date from the 27th to the 20th. Must really need people. and fast… Which is odd, as the company had probably the most ridiculously stringent application process I’d ever encountered. Hmm.

Anyway, have to go to bed, so I can get up early, be at Sykes, try and avoid meeting my ex-teammates, and then head back out to grab the rest of my requirements.


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