Went And Put That In Motion

So I ended up not being able to go to sleep last night, and instead went out to Makati at around two in the morning to turn in my resignation letter. I ended up spending an hour waiting on a bench in the Glorietta area, as I informed my (now former) team lead that I’d be coming in at four, but instead got there barely ten minutes to three. So I took out my earphones and my smartphone, and watched The Martian for about an hour.

I started walking to Sykes at around four, and indeed informed my team lead via text. I waited at the reception area until four-thirty though, but as soon as I turned in my two-weeks notice, he informed me that I’d still have to finish a rather lengthy clearance process. Oh well. Hopefully I’d get the details by Thursday.

After that I went home, and sleep through the morning… Or at least, that was the plan, if not for the constant phone calls I kept on getting, which were apparently for my neighbor instead. Ugh.

I still ended up sleeping past one in the afternoon. Hah!

On other topics, it looks like I’ll really start on the 20th… but since I was taken in by the company really late, I won’t get any pay at the end of the month, and instead my first salary will be on the 15th next month. Ouch. Time to tighten belts a bit…



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