And It All Comes Back To Bite

I woke up early, not because I wanted to, but rather because it was too hard to ignore the noise brought by the rain outside. And it was pouring hard. I retreated back into the covers as a result, and didn’t rouse myself until it was already around ten, and by then the rain had stopped. It was still a bit cloudy though, but otherwise it was already getting warm.

So I roused myself, went downstairs to do my morning habits, then took a bath and got changed for the day… Not that I was going anywhere of course. I did go and have lunch though, though I quickly retreated to my room after that.

Oh, and my new employer called in to ask about character references… Which means people I’ve worked with before. Which of course was a big problem, seeing as how I burned a lot of bridges while I was at Sykes, mostly due to my own idiocy. Ugh. Anyway, I might have figured something out, though it’s not a perfect fix. I just hope those phone numbers still worked…

Gonna have to go to the market tomorrow, as the fridge is looking awfully bare. It’s a good thing my sister isn’t coming home this weekend with tatay and her son, but it looks like veggies and chicken need to be bought…



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