I Did Go Out For A Bit

I woke up early, and headed over to the market as promised to buy stuff for the fridge. I ended up buying a whole chicken again (had it chopped up, of course), a single chicken embutido roll, a pack of squid balls, a pack of Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdogs, a kilo of chicken gizzard and liver, and finally chopped veggies (basically chopped carrots and cabbage), plus potatoes and two carrots.

I ended up using some of the chicken plus the chopped veggies for my lunch (and eventual dinner), while the rest went into fridge.

I left the house sometime after lunchtime however, as I headed off to Gilmore to check on the price of the PC components on sale there. While my current PC has served me well over the years, it’s definitely showing its age, to the point that any video above 480p resolution will start to stutter if I had any other program open. And let’s not get into the performance of my games, ugh…

Once I got there, I started canvassing the prices. After an hour or so wandering around, I somehow managed to get a component combination I liked (based around a motherboard that can handle 1 TB internal HD, 8gigs RAM, an i5 processor, and a 970 video card), but my word, the price is ridiculous; the cheapest bundle I asked for costs around 650~odd USD,  and I’d probably have to do a LOT of saving (and do really REALLY good at my new job) to be able to get enough to pay for its construction. It’s doable, but it’s going to be very painful…

Well, I don’t need it now now, but it’s a goal at least.


3 thoughts on “I Did Go Out For A Bit

  1. The GTX 970 is overkill unless you’re thinking of working on graphically demanding tasks or running VR headsets. Try the 960 if you’re looking for good specs for 1080p gaming (or a 950 if your games aren’t super intensive).

    1. Well, there is that, but I’d like to have something that won’t instantly go obsolete in 3 years. As it is, nearly all the games I play suffer some stutter or another, which can be annoying.

      1. The GTX 960 would have lasted around 3-4 years at the time of release, so I concede that. If you’re looking at the 970, waiting isn’t a bad option for now: they’ve just rolled out the GTX 1070 and 1080s, with the 1060s coming out in fall; the prices for the 900 series will likely go down a bit after. Good hunting.

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