Thinking Of What To Do Next

Due to the usual weekend laundry, I was already up and about very early today. By around four thirty in the morning though, I had already rinsed and put out the laundry to dry on the clothesline, and had put the washing machine back into its place in the kitchen. Then I went upstairs, and tried to settle in for sleep again. Despite my best efforts though, it wasn’t an uninterrupted slumber, and I woke up again at around nine. Not really in the mood yet, I turned on the a/c, then went back to sleep.

I only woke up again sometime past noon, at which I prepared some food for myself. I was annoyed to find that the veggie soup I had prepared yesterday had spoiled, so after throwing away what couldn’t be salvaged, I cooked for myself some siomai and chicken embutido for lunch. After that, I settled back into my room to doze some more, and only emerged again during the late afternoon to take down the laundry from the clothesline, and bring them into the house, as they had already mostly dried by that point.

It was a good thing that I did too, as it turned dark soon enough, and started to rain.

Wasn’t able to clean the toilet and the floor today though, so I’ll have to see about that tomorrow instead.

Anime Watched: Anne Happy, Sansha Sanyou.

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