Sudden Turnarounds And Disappointments

It’s been a bit of a heartbreaking day, as the first thing that woke me in the morning was the call that the Australian company I had passed just last week… Was withdrawing its contract, because for some reason I didn’t pass the character references phase. Sigh. Not to be I guess.

So as soon as my mind fully cleared of sleep (and after I had finished mopping the floor downstairs), I went back to Jobstreet and started sending out applications again. Got a few familiar text messages from the usual recruitment firms, but one was somewhat new, so I’ll try that first tomorrow.

Oh, and I did also follow up on a lead at Convergys for a chat account. Unfortunately it was a telecom chat account, and what’s more, the pay with all the bonuses already applied was barely 20k, so I’ll have to pass on that.

I’m very annoyed right now, as it’s a HUGE loss (22k basic + 2k bonus!), but let’s see if the recruitment firms I visit tomorrow have something that would make up for that.



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