It Took All Day As Expected

I woke up early, and opted to head to the recruitment agency over at Dela Costa and, surprise surprise, it’s an agency I’ve visited before, way before I got hired at Sykes. And obviously as expected, that meant that I spent a whole day just at that one lead, where after some preliminary interviewing I was shuttled over to Mckinley Hill West for an appointment at Concentrix.

Oh, and in a fit of stupidity, I ran from one end of Mckinley Hill to another, as I got confused as to which Concentrix building (the company had several buildings at different parts of the area) to go to. I finally got the right one (the one at the Science center), but man, that was pretty bad, especially since it was high noon by that point, which meant that the sun was high in the sky with nary a cloud to give me shade. 

Once there, I had to endure another set of interviews and exams (the account was vaguely about a video sharing system, but they wouldn’t tell me anything else about it), and by the time it was all over and done, and I was informed that I was to await a final interview schedule, it was already close to five… Which meant there was literally no more time for me to follow up on all the other job offers I had lined up for the day. Hmph.

Anyway, this means that the lead at Telus will have to wait until tomorrow. For now though… I might have to see about cleaning the toilet? I’ve left that on the wayside for more than a week now, yeech.


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