It’s Been Quite Busy

As expected, I wasn’t able to make an entry yesterday, but that was due to being occupied for most of it. This time around, it was straight to Telus’ recruitment hub over at the intersection of EDSA and McKinley Road. So yeah, the screening process took most of the morning and well past noontime… Then I was told to go to their site at Market Market in the evening for the final interview.

So I went home, slept for a few hours, then come early evening, it was back to McKinley road to head over to Market Market… Which was easier than it sounded, as the lines one had to endure to even get to ride a jeepney going there was something to behold. It was like a long snake, that looped into itself once… Anyway, I spent something like forty minutes in line, before I finally got to board a jeepney.

The trip itself didn’t take that long, but by that point I was like thirty minutes late. Thankfully the one who was supposed to give me an interview wasn’t picky about the time, and eventually I was up for the phone simulation… Which I almost failed, since my problem with caving in when faced with bullheaded clients came up again. The project manager passed me anyway, but only after I promised to really work on it. And after my experience at Sykes, I mean it this time. Time to be ambitious, and push for actual change in myself!

After that, I got home without incident. 

As for today though, after doing my usual daytime duties, it was off to SM North Edsa to meet with the family, as my sister wanted to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. We met up at Yabu’s, and suffice to say we ate a whole lot of stuff (with me taking a very hot and spicy cream dory curry with bottomless iced tea). After that, I accompanied my father and nephew back home, then turned around to go to Market Market for the Job Offer signing…

Except once I got there, they told me that, uh, no, there wasn’t any job offer happening unless I provide the a whole set of documents that they so happened didn’t tell me to bring last night. Okay…

So far the biggest deal here seems to be trying to get proof of prior employment, so lets see if I can finish my clearance tonight and get a certificate of employment… Otherwise it’s off to SSS and hopefully get a printout of all my historical contributions since I started working. Hmm.

Yeah, busy busy busy…



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