Let’s Try To Do Good This Time

I remember setting my phone alarm real early, but apparently what happened was that, as usual, the moment it started I got up and deactivated it. Then went straight to bed. As a result, I only came to by around eight in the morning… which isn’t good, as by that point most SSS outlets were already filled to the brim with people.

So I got as ready as I could — just washed my face and brushed my face, more or less — then headed out to the local SSS branch to have a history of my contributions printed… But when I got there I was informed that they did not print out contribution history, and I was asked instead to head to a different branch instead. So I headed over to that branch (for reference, the one at Macapagal), which wasn’t as filled, but then told that they couldn’t  print out contribution history, which was annoying.

However, what they could do instead was make sure the registration I did on the SSS website went though, and reset my password so I could access it on my own at home.

So I went home after that, fired up the SSS website, got in and printed the relevant pages (mainly the one that showed my employment history and contributions). Then I took a bath, got changed, then dashed over to BGC to the job offer at Telus. It started raining hard on the way, but by that point I was close enough to Market Market to make a dash into it.

So yeah, it looks like I’m definitely signing up with Telus. Training starts on Monday, and surprise surprise, it’s in the daytime. That’s… different. I got most of the primary requirements done, but I still need to see to the secondary ones, else I might not get my salary by the end of next month, yeargh.

I went home somewhat satisfied, though I had to make a slight detour to the nearby savings bank to pick up something from nanay that was passed through an acquaintance. From there, it was straight home, and boy was it dark by that point. I was worried it would rain, but despite all that gloom due to the clouds, it didn’t rain at all. Or maybe it did, but I was asleep by that point. Hmm.

Oh, and apparently there’s a shareholder’s meeting tomorrow for the mutual funds I invested in, and I’ve been invited. Neat.


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