It Was Quite Something, Wasn’t It?

I woke up really late today, and only roused myself from bed by around ten in the morning. I putzed around a bit, but eventually I had to take a bath and get dressed, as I was going to attend, for the first time, a shareholder’s meeting for the FAMI fund family, way over at the Le Pavillion. While it was scheduled for a little past one-thirty in the afternoon, I wanted to get there slightly early, so I made sure that I would make it before twelve-thirty.

Needless to say it was quite an experience, part board meeting and part buffet party, down to having entertainment while most of the other shareholders were waiting in line, or eating the foods on their plates while seated on the many chairs in the auditorium. Oh, and it kind of revealed what I had already known: that 2015 was not a great year for investors all around, with the equity and balanced funds in the negatives as far as growth was concerned, though the bond and dollar bond funds barely somehow managed to post positive gains. The outlook was somewhat hopeful for the year however, as historically a bad year was always followed by some sort of recovery. That’s the Market Cycle for you, I guess.

I was stuffed by the time I got home, and obviously passed on dinner. Unlike what I usually did on a Saturday evening though, I wasn’t able to go to sleep, and instead spent the hours leading up to midnight watching documentaries again on Youtube. And at this point, I’m just waiting for midnight to come, so I could finally start on the laundry.

Note to self though: buy some cola, to keep me up during the laundry proper.


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