At Least It Wasn’t So Idle

I did the laundry again as per weekend practice, and even hung everything out to dry this time around, but as usual since I finished close to five in the morning I was out until around noontime. By the time I woke up, it was just enough for me to have lunch, and see my family off as they returned to my sister’s house in Quezon City.

After that? Well I retired to my room, and tried to make sure I could get as much of the info I needed for the requirements at Telus as I could, in this case my Pag-Ibig number as well as BIR forms. I printed out or photocopied both, as well as my cedula and NSO-given birth certificate.  There’s still quite a bit missing, but that does take care of most of the secondary requirements. Now, I’m planning on heading over to the medical center early tomorrow, so then I could just continue on to Market Market for the training in the afternoon.

Yeah, I’m expecting a very busy day tomorrow.

Oh, and I brought in the laundry during the early evening, as it was warm enough to properly dry the clothes.


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