Positive So Far, I Guess

The second day of the onboarding went well, I guess, and what do you know, my new companion decided to continue, regardless of her misgivings with the HR procedure with regards to the bank signatures, hah. She actually surprised me while I was at the HR hub (I was killing time, as I had arrived like thirty minutes early, and I didn’t want to stay in the classroom), so once I saw her, I handed back her access card and ID. Heh.

What else could I say about the rest of the day though… Basically more introduction to Telus as a company, as well as its perspectives and way of doing business. Pretty normal for onboarding, though I did notice that Telus really tries to push how it tries to balance the needs of the clients to keeping its employees involved and happy. That’s a big surprise.

Otherwise, yeah, getting into the groove now. Or at the very least it seems like I’m getting used to the new schedule. However, given how things are set up right now, I’ve only got a limited timeframe to actually do anything in the morning after I wake up, as by the time it hits eleven, I have to take a bath and get dressed for work, and be out of the house by noon if I want to beat the rush hour and traffic. The house is quite a mess as a result, and I’m not even sure if I can squeeze any proper cleaning time at the moment.

I’ll just have to find a way then, as usual.

P.S. It’s unusually gloomy this morning, so I’m wondering now if I have to bring an umbrella with me this time… 



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