Two-Day Shortpack

Friday was… packed, let me tell you.

First off, I had to wake up early just so that I could head off to the place that was set by Telus for its Medical. I got there by around seven-fifteen, and there were already people waiting at the couches in front of front desk. Still, being early did have the obvious bonus of putting me up on the queue (I got number 3, by the way). It went relatively quickly actually, with everything except the stool sample being done before ten. 

Getting the stool I won’t go into detail though, but it involved going over to SM Makati, grabbing a heavy serving of bibimbob from that Korean joint located in its lower level, then heading over to a massage place to relax  for a while (and let my digestive tract do its work). After that, yeah, I was ready to provide that stool sample. Yeeach.

It was a good thing that I went out of my way to do the medical early, as some of my teammates got stuck there for a while (and my new friend May took long enough that she was two hours late as a result). This means that I’m more or less good for the secondary pre-emp requirements.

Saturday was much more relaxed by comparison. I just spent most of it in bed, really, and only roused myself  to wash my face, gargle, and eventually eat lunch and dinner. Simple eh?


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