Resting And Keeping My Head Down

It’s Sunday, so it meant that I woke up close to midnight to do the laundry. Did my party, and by around four-thirty everything was up and hung out to dry. I put the washing machine in its place, then went to bed.

I was a bit surprised to awake alone at home, especially since neither my sister nor my father told me beforehand that they had any plans for the weekend. It turned out my sister took her son with her to a party, while tatay apparently went out and did some grocery shopping.

As for myself, I didn’t really do a lot. Indeed, I didn’t even rouse myself for lunch… Which made my waking during the afternoon a bit awkward, as by that point the sky was dark, and it was raining rather hard. My father at that point browbeat me for not paying any attention to the weather, because he had to move the laundry under the shade of the apartment as a result. 

That aside, I spent the rest of the afternoon watching documentaries, as per my weekend habit. And yes, they were all about the Great War again.

No anime this time though. Don’t feel like it right now, but since it was close to the end of the season, I might do a binge watch at the end of the week at this rate.


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