Requirements Done, And That’s That

The first thing I did once I got to Market Market yesterday afternoon was to head over to the HR hub to submit the primary requirements asked by the company — NBI clearance, photocopies of my NSO birth certificate, BIR form 2316, and Pag-Ibig forms, and completed the medical check-up slip. The documents were accepted in quick order, and the checklist that proved that I submitted said forms was stamped and signed.

With that finally done, I allowed myself a mental sigh of relief, as it meant that my pay on the 6th of next month would be ensured.

I ran into some of my classmates over there, and waited for some of them to finish their submissions before we headed back to the training room. After turning in our bags for safekeeping at the guard’s station, our instructor allowed the class an hour for everyone to submit their documents before starting the session.

From that point on though, the day was pretty routine. I did accompany one of my new friends for lunch at Siomai House again though, as she apparently didn’t like the lunch we had the other day at Market Market’s food court. Go figure.

We’re apparently going to start on actual technical stuff today, , rather than just simple call simulation, so it should be interesting.

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