Lots of Note-Taking, Really

Our instructor Jaycee certainly delivered on his promise from the other day, and for the entire session yesterday we dove into the “basics” of internet and PC tech support. Suffice to say that there were a lot of technical terms involved, and while a lot of these are stuff one encounters if they’ve been using computers and the internet long enough, learning them all in a single go can still be overwhelming, as many of my classmates soon found out.

It also rained last night, but by the time we were sent home the rain in the BGC area had mostly dissipated. Indeed, it was already mostly dry when I finally got home to my neighborhood.

I woke up rather late however, so I’ll try to get this entry done quickly, so I can head off to work. It’s looking rather dark and cloudy though, so I’m hoping it doesn’t rain on the way.


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