… And I’ll Sleep Some More, Thank You

Continuing on from yesterday, I spent most of today trying to sleep. The gloomy weather didn’t help matters any, as well as the rain, as it made me even less inclined to leave the comforts of my bed.

Oh, my sister got back from her Japan trip this afternoon. I got a pair of t-shirts, as well as some packets of non-caffeinated tea, so it’s better than nothing, I guess.

And I managed to watch some anime again! Re:LIFE is a big surprise so far, as the choice to air all thirteen episodes in one go is probably the strangest distribution decision I’ve seen so far. Otherwise the show’s great, and rather faithful to the spirit of the manga.

Kind of wish I could do that for the rest of the shows I missed watching from the Spring 2016 season. Sigh.

Anime Watched: Re:LIFE, Dragonball Super.

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