Paid, And Nowhere To Go

I woke up really early yesterday, just so I could get the payroll ATM from the HR. It was an easy enough process once I got there: just presented my password (a valid government ID), and I was asked to fill out a BPI release form, after which I received my new debit card.

And it also turned out that, because the 6th (today) was a holiday, we were getting our pay during the shift. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to actually withdraw anything until we reset our pins for the cards and assigned new ones, but thankfully our instructor gave us an extended first break to see that done.

To answer any question, yes, I only took a look at the balance, and didn’t actually withdraw anything. No, that didn’t stop me from joining the rest of the class in treating themselves to expensive meals in the Market Market mall during lunchtime, as I had already withdrawn enough money from my own savings to take care of that.

Not surprising, it rained hard again this evening. Fortunately this time around I had moved the laundry to the shade of the house, though it still made me worry about whether or not it these would be dry once I got home. 

Then it turned out that I wasn’t able to get home early anyway, as I had to join some of my teammates in a bit of social drinking. I eventually did get home at around two in the morning, and the first thing I did once I got there was bring all of the laundry inside, which I then hung in my sister’s room.

Obviously I’m missing a few hours of sleep as a result, as I had to wake up early today. Hmm.


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