Exams, And Then Rain

It was our midterms for the training class, so we spent half of it on review, some of it on ice breakers to ease the tension, and finally most of the time after lunchtime on the actual exam. Thankfully all of us passed, but it was pretty tense for the actual exam duration, despite the fact that we were allowed to look through all our reference material. The class session itself ended with simulated calls for some of the group, which will continue on for today’s session. Hmm.

I got home late in the evening as usual, which meant that I went to bed sometime past midnight. However I was woken up by the ringing of my phone around three, as I had to fetch my father and my nephew, who were dropped off at the street by my sister and her husband. It was already raining by that point, by the way, so I had to take out an umbrella for it. Once I got them back to the house though, I went back to bed…

When I woke up for the day though, it was still raining, and hard. So that means not only will I have to try to leave early to avoid the traffic that would result, I’ll have to take my umbrella and jacket as well, and maybe a change of shoes in case its flooded outside, yeesh.


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