Perfect Sleep Weather

As far as I could see, it’s been raining for most of the day. It was dark when I woke up earlier, and it was still dark when I hit the sack again to nap in prep for the usual weekend round of laundry. Add to this the very comfy temperature due to the rain, and you get the perfect weather to just sleep in. Yeah.

Nothing really unusual about the shift the other day, at least on the personal side of things. I finally somehow activated my phone’s capability to use data plans, which is kind of a big deal considering the wireless situation here in the country. Hmm…

Oh yeah, and most of the training class went out for karaoke after the shift, including our instructor. I stayed out of politeness, but eventually had to excuse myself at around two. I walked back to Market Market (the bar was close to Kalayaan), making use of the active data plan to use my phone’s GPS to plan a route there (as I wasn’t really familiar with the place). That was neat.


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