You’d Obviously Expect It To Be Rained In, And You’d Be Right

I finished the usual weekend habit of doing the laundry at around midnight, and this time around I finished everything (including putting the wet laundry on the clotheslines) by four or so. I was obviously worried that the clothes won’t get dry at all because of rain, and that was the thought I carried with me when I finally dozed off shortly afterward.

To my surprise, it didn’t rain at all during the morning, which gave the clothes to mostly drip out. It did eventually rain though, but it was already late afternoon, and by that point we had moved the clothes into the shade of the house.

Indeed, it’s raining hard now, but as it’s already evening, that just means I’m going to have more great sleep weather… Of course, I’m trying hard not to fall asleep right now, as with the new schedule for the week it’s going to be hard to readjust again.

Oh the heck with it. I’ll just go to sleep, wake up, and go to sleep again tomorrow when I need to. Too much sleep is much better than too little, I guess.


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