At Least It’s A Sunny Start

As expected, I woke up early and rather normally. And the sun is up in the sky this morning, so hopefully that means that some of the laundry will get a chance to dry out properly… Which is important, as I’m all out of socks for this week.

It looks like my father and my nephew are staying for the week. Which is okay, though it does mean that I’ll have to somehow survive the baby coming into my room during the day, what with the new shift schedule and all.

Speaking of which, the new schedule is a perfect opportunity to try out the gym facilities, though I’m torn on whether or not to try it before or after the shift. I’ll just have to see.

Oh, and managed to watch some anime today. I just had to ignore Kantai Collection entirely to do so. Go figure.

Anyway, going to find something to do, then it’s off to bed, so I can rest in prep for the new ten o’clock evening schedule.

Anime Watched: New Game!, Berserk.


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