That Rough First Day Again

I’ve always expected the first day of the work week, and the first day with a new shift schedule, to be a challenge, but even I was surprised at how difficult our new schedule turned out to be. Mind you, getting to Makati was easy, due to the MRT. However everything after that point was a test in patience, especially if you got there by seven or eight in the evening… Which was the height of the city rush hour.

I spent almost twenty minutes in line, then around an hour in the bus, as it slowly wound its way through McKinley Road toward Market Market. I finally got to the office barely fifteen minutes to nine… which is ridiculous, when you consider how I made it a point to leave home before seven in the evening. At this point, I can’t even imagine how it must be like for my classmates who live outside Manila.  Yeesh.

The class itself was business as usual though, punctuated only by a long speech by the big boss of training (a full hour and more before our scheduled lunchtime), which I felt was instigated on purpose by one of the goofs in class. Because of that, our second break got moved back as well, which meant that we didn’t have any mock calls… Just as planned I guess?

Because of all that extra time spent on the bus though, I was dead tired by the time the shift ended. I didn’t even have the energy to head to the gym after, and just felt, screw it, I’m heading home instead.


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