Mock Calls, And Graded Stuff

As usual it was an experience to commute to work after I finally got to Makati. The lines at McKinley Exchange were long as usual, and the queue of buses heading out to BGC barely moving. I spent more than an hour on the bus ride alone, so it’s not surprising that I’d try to put it to good use. I whipped out my phone, and watched the two episodes of Amaama to Inazuma and single episode of Amanchu to watch on the way to Market Market.

Suffice to say I was able to finish all three by the time I got there.

The highlight of the night’s class was, of course, the graded mock call at the end of the day. Sad to say, I might have just flubbed that one, as I had a lot of difficulty connecting the individual details of the simulated concern to come up with a solution. Ugh. Have to do better, for sure.

In that vein, I’m definitely looking forward to the input from our instructor about that particular call, which he’ll give tonight, along with the others who managed the finish their simulations.

Anime Watched: Amaama to Inazuma, Amanchu.


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