Missing Out On All That Evening Rain

The commute’s continuing to be a big trial. I was seriously worried that I’d get late last night, as the line of traffic starting from McKinley Exchange didn’t seem to be moving an inch… Yeah, the traffic in Makati’s insane during the evening, but surprisingly the streets were mostly clear close to Market Market. Go figure.

It rained surprisingly hard last night, but by that point we were all safely in the training room. While we didn’t get wet even in the slightest, just hearing how hard the rain was coming down on Market Market’s roof made some of us worry whether or not it would last into the morning. Thankfully it didn’t, and we were able to enjoy breakfast at the McDonalds’ outlet on the groundfloor without any accompanying gloom once we were let out.

We’re going to get a bit of a schedule adjustment for the week, as we’re going to come in during Sunday to make way for our instructor not being available on the 22nd. So we get only one day of the week off this week, in exchange for three next week. Seems fair, especially since it’s timed for payday.

I’m still not entirely sold on the team’s plan to head to Vikings at MoA immediately after we get our pay though. Hmph.

Raining right now, and it’s not even evening. Hopefully it doesn’t flood out the neighborhood. Or make the traffic at Makati even worse. It’s bad enough to be trapped in traffic, but getting soaked on top of that too? Not nice.


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