Just One More This Time

Just have to survive one more day for this work week… But as usual, as it’s a Friday, it’s going to be extra-difficult due to the fact that we now have all these people heading off home to Cavite and Rizal and Bulacan… The traffic is obviously going to be intense. I’m kind of wondering now if I should even bother trying to commute a little earlier as usual, as my little experience with that yesterday didn’t turn out well.

The shift yesterday was business as usual, except this time around we were able to meet our prospective team captain for the next six months. She looks nice, plus the fact that she was a team leader of a bottom-box team (meaning a team whose performance metrics were in the worst percentile) and managed to turn things around was… heartening, especially for someone like me, who might definitely need help. We had to relocate to one of the empty training rooms over at the HR hub though, but I think it was worth it.

Payday next week, as well as a temporary shift adjustment to accommodate our training for once. Just the thought that there’s gonna be spending again planned by some of the jokers on the team makes me cringe a bit, but who am I kidding? I keep on spouting about saving, and yet here I am still with a 13k+ credit card bill to carry into next month. Sigh.

Hopefully the file transfer of all those video files this afternoon work out. Encoded both the Girls und Panzer and Love Live movies, so hopefully the USB transfer doesn’t spazz out like it usually does and actually lets the transfer go through without a hitch

Anime Watched: Prisma Illya Drei, New Game.


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