Slept Through The Monthly Halfway Point

I was mentally exhausted by the end of last night’s class, no doubt. It was enough that I didn’t feel up to playing the niceties game with the rest of the class, and as soon as we left Market Market, I went straight to the bus stop. No detours to the nearby beerhouse, unlike the others, nope.

Once I got home, I got changed with the full intent of dropping into the sack… Except I remembered that I had to watch over my nephew while my father went to the wet market to buy fish. So I had to stay up and play with the baby for the duration. When my father got back though? I said, ah, enough, closed the windows, turned on the A/C, and went to sleep.

Of course, I’m up now, which means that it’s almost time for the usual weekend laundry. As usual.


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