Schedule Readjustment Staggers

I finished the laundry as usual, but by the time I went to sleep at around seven, I wasn’t entirely confident that I’d be able to get enough rest for tonight’s shift. And lo and behold, I woke up at around two o’clock anyway, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I really don’t want to rely on coffee to keep awake later on, but it looks like I’ll have to.

As for everything else… Boy was it hot this afternoon. One would think it wasn’t the rainy season, but the middle of summer instead. And nary a cloud in the sky too. Makes me wish there’d be some rain, though maybe if the pattern holds it might rain later in the evening instead.

Father mumbling about asking my sister to have him and the baby move back here semi-permanently again, instead of shuttling back for weekends. He says that, as far as he sees it, it’s much more convenient to be here, since whenever the baby asks for something, he can more easily go out and buy it, compared to how far the stores are from the village my sister’s family lives in. Hmm.

Well, better get ready. That long weekend at the end of this week better be worth it.

Anime Watched: Dragonball Super.


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