Definitely Need To Do Better

For all the time I spent on the exam last night, my score wasn’t exactly stellar. While I passed, it galled me that I made so many obvious mistakes, and as a result I found myself in the middle of the pack, as far as scores went. I’m definitely going to have to make up in the next two segments, the written part as well as the mock calls. 

After the shift, it was off to the gym again at McKinley Exchange, to work off all that frustration.  I wasn’t able to stay as long as I wanted to though, as apparently there’s a (judo? karate?) class that’s held there every Wednesday, and it took most of the gym’s floor space as a result.

Oh, and I definitely didn’t sleep as much as I wanted to this afternoon. Hopefully it won’t affect my performance later, both on the written exam and the mock calls.


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