Tired, But It’s Already Close To Done

It’s kind of funny now, but last night almost everyone was on edge due to the exam. And while I wasn’t as inwardly cool as I projected, I also expected that they wouldn’t drop anyone out of the class outright, due to the accounts great need for agents right now.

Well, that, and there’s also the fact that one of the managers dropped by before the written exam to drop off our login details. That’s pretty much a done deal, there.

In any case, we had the written exam during the first half of the day (which tackled LYNX ticketing), while we had the mock calls after lunch. There was a bit of a delay however in setting up the systems for the mock calls, but thankfully I was able to get my turn done before the day ended. Whew, that’s one load off my shoulders. Meanwhile, the rest of the class who didn’t get their turn will have their mock calls tonight.

Oh, and we got our salaries early this morning (just in time for our second break, in fact). It’s quite substantial (in fact, mine was exactly 10911 pesos), but I immediately winced when I also thought about the taxes that were deducted due to the fact that my tax bracket hasn’t been adjusted (which I can only do when I get the form 2316 that comes with my backpay check from Sykes). 

Needless to say, I wanted to get the money in my savings as soon as I could… But since my bank opened at around nine, I spent time at the company gym over at McKinley Exchange sweating it out until then. Heh, boy are my muscles sore as a result…

It’s started raining right now, and hard. Hopefully it just passes by, or else it’s going to be messy getting to the office, at least even more than usual.


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