Weekend, And Dead To The World

As expected, we spent most of the shift as if it were extended break, with the class lounging around the training room while those who weren’t called the other day were summoned in pairs for their turns at the mock call seat. For us who were already done, we spent the time taking using our workstation to do some web browsing, though the others took the opportunity to catch up on sleep.

When everyone was done, we held one more short discussion for the day, then we relocated to the training room over at the HR hub to count down the minutes until the end of the shift. I passed on the planned team breakfast over at the buffet in Quezon City, as I had a DHL package arriving over the day that I needed to receive and sign for.

I arrived home to find my father acting a little more panicked than usual. Apparently my nephew’s been experiencing quickness of breath most of last night. Oddly enough he didn’t think about calling my sister first, and if I hadn’t done so he might have not done it either. 

In the end, as my sister instructed, we had the kid drink some medicine, then made sure that he didn’t run around or get wet too much during the day.

And the DHL? It arrived at around mid-afternoon. Pretty prompt for a DHL delivery, especially one I placed barely three days ago. I could barely wait to have it opened.

What was it? Well it was the solar powered cellphone charger-come powerbank I ordered, that’s what. It was a bit cloudy though, so this time around I just charged it via my phone’s charger. Then I went to bed for the day.

It was already very late in the evening when I woke up, just in time for a call by my sister. Apparently my brother-in-law was coming over to pick up his son. My father wasn’t really happy at that, as the baby was already fast asleep was this point. In fact, he was grumbling about having me go out and meet my sister’s husband to tell him to call it off, but by the time I went down my brother-in-law was already waiting by the front door.

So seeing as he didn’t have much choice, my father roused the baby, changed the kid’s clothes, and then got changed himself (as my brother-in-law had to drive the car). The three of them left soon after, with my father giving his usual last-minute instruction to not mess up the house over the weekend. Yeah.

And just like that, it seems that I have the house to myself for the weekend. 


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